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What is Pornhub Premium?

If there ever was an adult site that did not need a formal introduction, that website would be Pornhub. Everyone and their mother has heard of it. Indeed, since it often gets mentioned in the mainstream media, even people who’ve never watched an adult video in their lives know about Pornhub. To give you an idea of how big they are, according to their 2019 This Year in Review, Pornhub received 42 billion visits, an average of 150 million visits per day! That’s the equivalent of the population of a huge country! Moreover, the amount of searches on the site went up by 8.7 billion compared to the previous year.

For those who demand the best quality and full-length vides, Pornhub has something for them, too. It’s called Pornhub Premium and it’s an excellent option for those willing to spend money on their porn-watching habits and access an even juicier selection of content. Pornhub Premium, which costs only $9.99 a month, caters to the needs of the entire porn-loving population, making it the biggest and most popular porn streaming site on the web. No preference, taste or niche gets left behind. Members are offered recommendations based on their specific viewing habits, which is one of the best reasons to sign up and create an account on Pornhub Premium.

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Why Pornhub Premium?

The question shouldn’t be “why should you join Pornhub Premium?” but instead, “why would you visit any other site for high-quality videos?” Their mind-bogglingly huge collection of adult videos is not only second-to-none in the porn industry but is also growing by the millions each day with more and more people uploading and broadcasting their amateur videos on Pornhub for all the world to see. It’s truly an oasis of unparalleled quantity and variety. No matter what gets you turned on, you’ll find it on Pornhub Premium. Think of it as the Netflix but for porn: massive, smooth, practical, diverse and reasonably priced at only ten bucks per month.

Without a doubt, streaming pornography has become the primary way for people to masturbate, and Pornhub is the kings of content. In 2019, users uploaded 6.83 million new videos to Pornhub. It is by far the most visited adult site on the internet and a dream-come-true for anyone looking to jerk off to a huge and varied quantity of material. If you love porn and you’re willing to put up with occasional ads, as well as random video quality, Pornhub Premium should be your go-to-stop for porn.

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How Pornhub Premium Works?

You might be asking yourself, with such a gigantic selection of material available, how do you go about finding something to actually watch? We all have our preferences when it comes to what we like to watch while jerking off. Thankfully, the Pornhub search bar works nearly to perfection. Type in whatever you want to see (same as you would on a search engine), choose from one of their options (videos, photos, members, pornstars, Gifs or cam models) then hit Search! Another fun way to discover new videos is to browse through the different category pages on Pornhub.

In short, Pornhub Premium is the best porn site on the web. You could spend entire years watching their videos every waking moment of your life and still not being to scratch the surface of their content. If you want access to their best stuff, without the ads, go for Pornhub Premium. It’s the ultimate porn streaming experience!

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