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The pros of watching porndaily

  • It increases your creativty
  • It helps to increase libido levels
  • It also increases the couple's relationship
  • Fight against the taboo
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Come to and read about all the advantages and disadvantages of porn. We break down all the popular controversies of adult entertainment.

Porn sites... Yes or No? Advantages and disadvantages of porn

Porn is still a topic that generates a lot of controversy. While some people consume and defend it, others are totally against it. Sexuality has always been seen as a taboo, especially if it consists of videos where it is explicitly shown. However, audiovisual material for adults has many advantages and here we will discuss some of them. The advantages of porn:

Yes, although the detractors of pornography probably do not see any advantage, for many people, it has a lot!

  • It allows you to be creative: First of all, as one of the biggest advantages, we have that pornography helps to awaken the imagination, especially of those people who have not been able to awaken their sexual maturity, an issue that has not so much to do with age (to some extent), it should be noted. Some people find it difficult to work their own fantasies in their mind, so pornography is a great ally to let their own eroticism goes free. And, of course, having sexual fantasies is synonymous with good sexual health, so watching movies or porn videos can help you improve it.

  • It helps to increase libido levels: Secondly, another of the most important aspects of pornography is that it allows libido to be released, that is to say, it helps many people get excited and find themselves through masturbation. As we all know, despite being taboo, masturbating is also one of the best sexual health practices, since it encourages self-confidence and self-knowledge so that each person can freely decide what they like and what they don't. So, you can dare to live a porn experience and discover yourself!

  • It also increases the couple's relationship: Pornography can be used in many ways, not only alone. In fact, many couples play and have fun intimately while watching pornography together. There are couples who really enjoy a good porn tube and both of them get the most out of it.

  • Fight against the taboo (however contradictory it may seem): This happens because good and free porn can foster sexual culture, open the mind and have more knowledge about what sex means.

  • Variety: porn allows you to explore things you have never seen before. With the help of a porn library you can have a wide variety of categories that will not let you get bored. Sex has many ways to be enjoyed and we probably don't even know half of them. So visiting some porn sites from time to time can help you innovate in bed. On the other hand, we have premium content which is outstanding porn in a way that could not be better! There is no chance to get bored.

Some drawbacks of watching porn:

  • It can make you develop unreal ideas about sex and interactions between two people: For example, when you consume porn in an excessive and unconscious way, you fall into the error of thinking that sex life should be the same as a porn movie.

  • It can make you belittle the female orgasm: thanks to the gap of orgasm between men and women that is visualized in current porn, people give a too little importance to female pleasure as porn makes us believe that the main thing is male ejaculation.

  • False expectations about physical attraction: after watching a porn movie it is normal to be attracted to those defined bodies, women with attributes and men with more extensive genital members than normal.

Is it good for me or not?

The decision about whether or not to consume pornography, whether to agree with it or don't is totally personal and respectable. Although perhaps the key is more in what kind of pornography we consume. Understanding that pornography is not only a video where a man penetrates women, but that it can be something else helps to start consuming a "good" porn that does not reify our minds. Examples, Independent films that show the eroticization process of a sexual encounter, sexual artistic photos, erotic books, poems about sex, virtual pornographic reality and more. There are a lot of things aimed to meet the desires of any porn taste. Where to find them? It is very simple. The answer is “Nudeflix”. What is it about? Nudeflix lets you browse through a library of over 100 tube sites, 100K adult movies. Nudeflix also allows you to stream Unlimited Porn anytime, anywhere. Nudeflix is available on a variety of devices, from your cell phone, PC and tablet to the Chromecast and game consoles. Are you going to miss the opportunity to try it?